CCP Online Class Minimum Standards:

Curriculum submissions for the Online Concealed Carry Permit Class must cover the topics described in Public Chapter 479. Eight distinct instructional topics are mandatory for approved CCP Class presentations. The BASIC EIGHT (8) topics are as follows;

1.   Conveys BASIC Firearms Safety Rules.

2.   Conveys BASIC Handgun Features (Nomenclature).

3.   Conveys BASIC Handgun Uses and Techniques.

4.   Conveys BASIC Handgun Knowledge and Skills for Safe Handling.

5.   Conveys BASIC Safe Storage of Firearm and Ammunition.

6.   Conveys BASIC Safe Transportation and Safe Storage Methods In Vehicles.

7.   Conveys BASIC Safe Handgun Cleaning Instruction.

8.   Conveys BASIC Current Tennessee Law on Carrying Handguns.

In addition to the BASIC (8), all CCP Class submissions must be at least ninety (90) minutes in length, Must provide an online Test/Quiz to confirm competency of course, And must provide a printable certificate of successful class completion.

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