I am excited to begin teaching CCW courses again for residents of Yuba and Sutter Counties. Please see the course schedule in the drop down menu below, or on the calendar to the left of this page. 

SB2 Compliant 16 Hour CCW Permit Class ($200)
Satisfactory completion of this 16 hour class grants you certification necessary for your California Concealed Carry Weapon Permit and is valid for Sutter and Yuba Counties. 

SB2 Compliant 8 Hour Recertification Course ($150)  
This course meets the 8 hour requirement needed to renew your permit for Sutter and Yuba Counties. 

Private Class Would you prefer a private class at your home, or business? Please call me and let's plan a class. 

*Do you have a firearm you would like to sell? If so, please text me at (530) 632-4101 or email me at john@conseale.com

*Please carefully check that your email address is correct. If you do not receive a response in two days, please check your spam folder, or text me at (530) 632-4101.  

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